Children are faced with unique challenges every day including peer and

parent conflict, adjusting to life after parents divorce, school or learning

difficulties, or in some cases abuse and neglect.  They may respond by

withdrawing or acting out. Therapy for children is often a collaborative

approach involving parents, teachers, or other caregivers.  Children need

to feel comfortable and may require initial rapport building or play therapy

options.  In addition to building the child's "tool box" of coping skills,

parent behavioral training is also offered. This approach helps parents

learn effective discipline strategies, positive parenting skills, improve

insight into the child's thinking and problems, and develop collaborative

problem solving and contingency systems.

Please print forms, fill out, and bring with you to your first appointment. Any individual attending any sessions will be required to fill out an informed consent form and a release. Additional forms may be required. Forms with * may not be required please contact the office with questions.